SandStory Skills® Training


Do you have a role or remit to support children's emotional well being?

Do the children in your care have additional social and emotional needs?

Do you want to learn a clear and safe structure to offer one to one sessions to explore children’s thoughts and feelings and support childrens emotional well being?


"SandStory Skills® equips professionals who are not therapeutically qualified with essential, safe, 'soft skills' to support the emotional wellbeing and personal development of children and young people in their care. " (Lara Kasza- creator of SandStory Skills® )


Skills® training is a 2 day (or 14 hour) accredited programme that equips you to provide 1 to 1  sessions to support the children in your care.

  • Designed for practioners supporting children and young people such as those working in school (Tas, ELSAs, Learning support mentors) or in social care (social workers, family support workers)

  •  Provides you with a simple tool kit of resources and techniques to enable a child or young person to creatively tell their story in the sand or using other creative media and for you to guide them through this process using a clear safe structure. It combines creative play and story telling in a clear to follow structure.

How does SandStory Skills support children?

  • The process of telling their story through small world play in a safe and contained way and having this witnessed and accepted by a supportive adult helps children feel heard and understood.

  • This is particularly helpful for children who find it hard to express their feelings or difficulties directly.  

  •  This in turn helps them feel better within themselves and more equipped to find solutions.


Stories give meaning to individual and collective experiences